Breast cancer can be devastating. Breast reconstruction can be psychologically helpful to deal with this loss. Breast reconstruction can be performed with your own tissues as flaps or with implants and tissue expanders.  Recent advances in reconstructive techniques with fat grafting have also opened a whole host of other options to the patient seeking breast reconstruction. Dr. Day works with the patient to create a breast that most closely approximates the form, feel, and appearance of a normal breast, although the original breast will never be reproduced. The use of  breast implants that are now available in various shapes forms, and projections gives us a variety of options to consider. For patients that are not having immediate reconstruction or who have lack of native breast skin, two stage procedures with  tissue expansion is a good technique. Finally the transplantation of the patient's own tissue either by pedicled flaps or by the free flap technique are excellent options available for reconstruction.

After a thorough consultation and physical examination we can discuss the various options and choose the technique which will work best  for you. Often a combination of techniques may be necessary  to produce the best result. The nipple and areola which is removed during the cancer operation can also be reconstructed using local flaps for the nipple and a combination of skin grafting or tattoo for the areola.

Insurance: Breast reconstruction is mandated by law although insurance reimbursement varies. Our office staff will help you find out your benefits and coverage from insurance  for the procedure.

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