Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is an ideal method to naturally augment breasts for patients who do not want to use implants. The procedure is like any other form of fat transfer and involves liposuction and the re injection of pure fat into the breasts. The fat needs to be harvested with liposuction using low pressure to maximize the fat survival. The fat then needs to be processed and the liquid portion needs to be removed so pure fat is re injected. Otherwise the fluid that is injected will be absorbed which will show as a loss of volume.

The maximum volume that can be safely harvested with liposuction is removed. The maximum volume that can be safely injected within the breast envelope will be injected.

Fat transfer is ideal for reconstructed breasts that have been radiated. The stem cells that are present in the lipo aspirate will improve the skin quality and will also improve the volume and shape of the breasts.

There can be problems with fat injections including cyst formation,clumping or hardening in spots and mammographic changes.

Fat transfer is ideal for patients who want a modest amount of enlargement. There is some natural fat resorption so at best 80% of the injected fat remains.

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