The Facility

Safety and comfort are of utmost importance to Dr. Day.  All of our patients have the option of having their surgery performed in a hospital or at our beautiful state of the art surgical facility, where every measure has been taken to ensure maximum comfort and safety. 

The operative facility on 1035 Park Avenue is equipped with the finest monitoring and operative equipment and is accredited by the AAAASF.   All equipment provided in the hospital is available and duplicated in our surgical facility.  However, the comfort level and personal attention is unique and individualized.  Nurses work side by side with Dr. Day.  He and his staff are present on site for the monitoring, comfort, care and attention of each patient. Should a patient need, want or require additional attention or care; nurses will accompany the patients home.

Both the nurses and patients have direct contact with Dr. Day at all times for any questions or concerns.

Anesthesia is provided by Board Certified Anesthesiologists from the North Shore University Hospital and New York Hospitals.  For the convenience of the patients who require accommodations for convalescence, recovery hotels are available and in very close proximity to the office.  Nurses are available to stay with the patients in these facilities.

To set up a private consultation with Dr. Day, please contact us today at 212.289.9191 or email him at

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