I was going to have my breast augmentation with another plastic surgeon. Dr. Day had operated on my friend a year ago and she kept telling me to go see him before I have my surgery. After I met him I knew that he was the right plastic surgeon for me. The surgery was done perfectly. Recovery was better than expected. I took medication only for the first couple of days and then switched to Tylenol. The size is perfect! Thank you so much.


Age 22

Danbury, Connecticut

Before I met Dr. Day, I visited 2 other plastic surgeons. They gave me their opinions about size, incisions, scarring and a breast lift. Dr. Day was recommended to me by my friend who had heard of him. He discussed the surgery with me before examining me. During the examination he showed me the incisions and size of implants. He completely prepared me for the surgery including what I should expect afterwards. He discussed sizes with me and we came to a mutual agreement on what would fit me best. I listened to what he recommended and he did not steer me wrong. My breasts look beautiful, what I always wanted and dreamed of. Thank you very much Dr. Day.


Age 34

Bronx, New York

I’m 42 years old and breastfed all three of my children. My breasts have always been small but they are even smaller now. At 5’7 and 135 lbs, I used to fill my bra with padding when I wear tight shirts. The first surgeon I saw told me that I needed a lift. Then I met Dr. Day. He was able to do my surgery without a lift by manipulating the type of implant and the size of the implant. My nipple sensation is still intact, my scars have totally faded and my swimsuit and tight shirts and sweaters look great.


Age 42

Long Island, New York

Dr. Day did my breast augmentation. I listened to his recommendations and used silicone implants. They look and feel so beautiful and natural. Before I met Dr. Day I was a secretary with part time work in modeling and acting. This has really helped my career and self confidence. My sister had them done since and her experience is just as good.


Age 28

Queens, New York

I am a 45 year old grandmother. My daughter is 25 years old and Dr. Day did her breast augmentation. Her result was so beautiful, and I was so impressed with Dr. Day that I decided to have breast augmentation also. I couldn’t be happier and I wish I had done it years ago.


age 45

Brooklyn, New York

Thank you to Dr. Day and his staff for treating me so kindly. You are the utmost professionals. Dr. Day is an artist and a sculptor. My breasts look fabulous. His measurements, recommendations on size, shape, and incisions all contributed to a fantastic result.


Age 32

New York City, New York

My breasts always had a strange shape and they were unequal in size. I saw 2 plastic surgeons and they told me that they could not help me. Dr. Day was able to make my breasts more symmetric by using 2 different sizes and internally reshaping my breasts. I no longer am self conscious about taking my clothes off. Thank you.


Brooklyn, New York

My friend had surgery by Dr. Day and I had my breast augmentation with him a year ago. I used the silicone implants. When going to see my gynecologist for my yearly checkup she couldn’t believe how beautiful, soft, and natural my breasts looked. The scar in my armpit was tiny and barley visible. She asked me for his number and now she regularly recommends him to all of her patients.


Age 33

Fort Lee, New Jersey

I cannot express how thankful I am to Dr. Day and his staff. I had fears of having surgery and the pain of recovery. Dr. Day and his staff were so professional that I felt comfortable and at ease right away. The pain was controlled with a special pain pump and medications. My breasts and body look beautiful now. I would highly recommend Dr. Day to anyone considering breast augmentation.


age 27