A thigh lift predominantly reduces loose skin around the thigh with emphasis on tightening the inner thigh. Occasionally the incision is extended to also lift the posterior buttock area. Newer techniques concentrate on tightening the deep tissues, which gives a nicer result and reduces downward migration of the inner thigh incision.

Thigh lift surgery is best suited to people who are in relatively good shape but have loose thigh skin and/or a significant amount of fat on their thighs that won't respond to dieting or exercise. You may be a good candidate for thigh lift surgery if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Excess or loose, sagging thigh skin especially after weight loss 
  • Thigh muscles that have been weakened by pregnancy or aging
  •  Excess fat that is concentrated beneath the thigh skin
  • If you plan to become pregnant or to lose a significant amount of weight

New techniques now exist for a buttock lift through fat injections.  Fat is removed from the abdominal wall and re-injected in the buttocks to create a fuller and lifted appearance. You achieve two goals through this procedure liposuction and a buttock lift. Some of this injected fat is reabsorbed and re-injection is necessary at a later time.

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