The most common congenital breast problems is the tuberous breast deformity. It is also sometimes called the constricted breast deformity.  Other congenital problems include conditions such as absence of the breast (amastia), multiple breasts, and some forms of Polands syndrome.

Diagnosis and Treatment: The condition can be diagnosed with a history, physical examination and photographs. Sometimes additional testing such as MRI or other X-rays are necessary. The surgical treatment and timing for treatment of congenital breast problems varies. Consultation can be done during the patient's adolescence, however, treatment may have to wait until breast development is complete. Breast development is usually complete by the age of 16-18 years. 

The tuberous breast deformity has 4 different forms. As the condition increases in severity the tightness of the base of the breast increases and the breast is less developed. The correction involves scoring of the breast to redistribute the breast, lowering or resetting the inframammary crease at a better position and increasing volume with a breast implant.

Breast implant can correct asymmetry or hypomastia. Flaps or implants can be used for the complete creation of the breast in the case of Poland syndrome. The operation may be performed in the operating room at the hospital or in the office setting.  Dr. Day will discuss your individual problem and outline a proposed plan for the correction of  this problem

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